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It was fun and it was interesting but I stopped this virtual synth making. I am into hardware again. I have all the sounds I wished for in the real world now. And that is much better, in my opinion. When I started making Vsti's I didn't have those sounds...
So my studio has transformed over the years and 21st century analog has entered! Oh yeah!

ALRIGHT THEN. I get questions from time to time. Where do I get your stuff? And I say it is private. But if you send me an
e-mail we can work something out if you have Paypal. Mind you, these are all experimental synths. But I have ideas about sound and I'm a musician, so they are highly usable.

Sound fascinates me. For more than twenty years I've had synthesizers. Since the coming of software synthesizers my palette of sound synthesis has expanded into the digital. Collective Memory Generator was the first album in which I started using them. I came to realize that it was possible to make my own softsynth with Synthedit. I had a virtual analogue instrument in mind that was easy to operate with an 'old' sound, a familiar, though different sound. One that I could play like the real synth that I don't own, but wish I would. To play it through electric guitar stompboxes and a guitar amplifier, to get back the analogue feel, to get it out of the digital environment.






New instrument: The Vortex Tape Synth! (2017)

This is the current Vortex Tape Synth. Only Mellotron sample based. I took out the FM part and made it into another FM VSTi. It was too heavy on the CPU having both in one. But this is fine! I love the sounds of the Vortex Tape Synth!


Older Version:

This synth is great for rotating and moving strings pads!!!
On the second screen I implemented Frequency Modulation....Way out!!!


NEW VERSION!!!!!! With Sequencer!!! It works....Even synced in Cubase....Most of the times...
I love it as a stand-alone Freak Synth, as I intended it!!

So, what?? Two sequencers for more confusion and fun.
I made a demo with my phone, so bad mono quality, but you get the picture.

This must be an older version --->>
Warp Freak Machine Vsti
Warp Freak Machine, my ultimate home made synth!! (2015)

Main functions:

- two oscillators (can be doubled and detuned for a fat sound)
-two filters with lowpass, highpass and band reject, self oscillation and filter tracking
-two separate envelopes (for amp, filter, pitch and filter cross modulation or pulse width)
-oscillator sync, ring modulation and cross modulation
-two lfo's with different functions (sine, saw, ramp, square and sample & hold  and delay on lfo 1; frequency modulation on lfo 2)
-echo and reverb
- a custum arpeggiator kind of thing
- preset buttons

This little machine was created with performance in mind. And it should have the character of an old modular synth. It is a simple synth with a lot of possibilities for deep sound sculpting. Somehow I managed to make it instable and wobbling which makes the digital sound less static. The video's below are stages in the development of the Warp.

And this is the first version...Where did it go? Somewhere in my PC???


New instrument: The Leotron Replay Module. It is a Mellotron plugin. It has two ´traditional´ strings, flute and choir. On top of that there are two of my own sampled organs. A Solina (G110) string and a Yamaha Electone String. Only extras are the low and band pass filters and my phaser/echo device. Ofcourse all functions are MIDI controlled.
Leotron Replay Module


The Leonator VI has a classical monophonic subtractive synthesizer layout. It kan be played on a keyboard, knobs can be twisted in the real world, and the synth responds to it. Furthermore, it can be fully automated in a software audio program, in my case Cubase, so the synth can be programmed in order to perform sound movements through time. That could be anything from slowly morphing sounds to squeeking pulsating rythms.

To make the basic sound of the Leonator more interesting I sampled some of my organs and synthesizers. As extra I provided it with echo, phasing and an equalizer.
I,ve been using and improving the instrument for some time now. I spent so much time creating the Leonator, playing it, moulding it into a usable instrument. And it is great! Although I wouldn't  mind seeing it evolute into a 'real' instrument....maybe that will be the next stage of the Leonator... 

Leonator V vsti
Leonator V  - synthesizer

Here are some rough audio samples to give you an impression. (No external effects used: 100% Leonator.)
              Manual Leonator The manual...


I did a remake of my Solinardo G110 organ. I've sampled it and now it became a soft-organ. Very vintage, indeed...I made a second page where I put an echo/phasing device on top of the organ. It's a virtual world!!

Solina G110 vsti

Solina G110 vsti
 - organ


After that I started on a simple monophonic synthesizer, three oscillators, one of them can be switched as noise generator. I'm still tweaking the synth engine. I put in a simple arpeggiator. Nice! Like the stuff you found on old electronic organs! An echo stomp box, borrowed from the Solinardo...(and adjusted). But it didn't stop there....
...I deviced a sequencer, 8, 12 and 16 steps, until now. Each note can be adjusted, in pitch, filter velocity, octave up/down and mute.
Oh, almost forgot: there's a drumplayer as well! kick, snare, hi-hat open and closed. But it is also possible to choose other samples from your own harddisk. It also comes with a step sequencer.

The Origine Synthesizer has become a very complex matter for me. I made it in 2011, and it needs some extra work....Up till now it us usable as a stand alone player. This is a great creative monster!

Hakkepuf Drum Machine

Hakkepuf Drum Machine
Origine  - synthesizer/ sequencer/ drum machine

All music composed, produced and performed by Leonardo Soundweaver. Artwork and webdesign by Leonardo. Vst design by Leonardo.