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I made electronic arrangements for two songs on this album (Baza Guru). It is music for meditation, deeply rooted in the Bhuddist tradition of the Kingdom of Bhutan. The songs are sung by the famous singer Lhamo Dukpa.
CD release has been on the 15th of December, in Groningen, the Netherlands. It comes with a 12 page booklet containing translations and background information. More info


A Drop in the Ocean 2013
With Lhamo Dukpa from Bhutan.

1. Jentsuen Jampel Yang la Chak Tshel lo
2. Baza Guru
3. Labja Norge Bangzoed
4. Tshoglu
5. Baza Guru (Meditational)

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Chants according to...

For many years we chanted Mantras during Yoga classes that were conducted by Rao; the easy short ones that we, western people,were able to learn. Once we tried to do a long Vedic Peace Mantra, but we abandened the project and returned to our familiar chants. Some years ago I got the idea to make recordings of the Mantras and Slokas, just to keep the memory of their melody and rythm, as well as their pronounciation. Along with that I had the wish to 'do something with them musically'. At that point I didn't know how to. As producer/musician I did some projects that led me into a new direction. Then I remembered the Mantras and things fell in place. We arranged for recordings in my studio and did two sessions for vocal. The process of making the music was one of catching the moment. Mostly I started with some kind of drone, and soon ideas would come, that made me pick up certain instruments, and play along. It was all very leisurely, and the music didnt take long to reveal itself. Part of my musical experiences before, that made me able to make this mantra album, was the use of many different instruments, It gives the music a sparkling quality and makes it free flowing and organic. The result is not a 'traditional' way of instrumentating Mantras nor is it 'New Age'. It's Mantra like you've never heard before! Rao has been of great help chanting traditional Mantras and Slokas from the Bhagavad Geetha and Upanishads. But also in providing translations and notes. There are so many Mantras and different ways of chanting. The same Mantra can be sung with a different rythm and melody, according to different traditions. It was our aim to represent the chanting in a traditional way, the way it has been taught Rao in India..

Chants according to...
by Rao & Leonardo, 2012.

1   Śuklāmbara dharam
2   Vidyā-rambhē
4   Sadyojatham
5   Om Namah Shivaya
6   Aham vaiswānarō
7   Brahmārpanam
8   Gayatri 1
9   Karma nyè
10 Ahamāthmā
11 Ātmānam
12 Deepam
13 Samam kāya
14 Gayatri II
15 OM
16 Maharshinām
17 Samno-mithrah
18 Poornamadah
19 Om asato ma
20 Sarvē bhavanthu

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Yoga and Music...Vedic mantras and slokas, chanted by G.N. Rao, music by Leonardo Soundweaver.
Acoustic and electric guitars, synths, voices, organs, mridangam, glockenspiel, small percussion.


All music composed, produced and performed by Leonardo Soundweaver. Artwork and webdesign by Leonardo.