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List of albums that I did so far. A lot of them can be downloaded on Bandcamp or iTunes, Amazon etc.. Músarrindill, AARDE and A Drop in the Ocean have been released on CD. Gurumaya, Silver Moon & Mind's Eye by side-project Astral Son have been released on vinyl. Albums marked with * can be downloaded at Bandcamp.

2018                         Wonderful Beyond by Astral Son (Vinyl expected end of october, CD, Download)
Electronic Muse by Son of Ohm (CD-r expected)*
                                 Blackbirds by Son of Ohm (CD-r by Neu Harmony label)*
                                 Cosmic Message by Phrozen Weaver (CD-r by Neu Harmony label and)*

2017                         Astronaut by Son of Ohm (CD-r by Neu Harmony label) *

2016                         Mind's Eye by Astral Son (Vinyl, CD/download)

2015                         Syrinx by Son of Ohm (CD-r by Neu Harmony label) *

2015                         Silver Moon by Astral Son* (Vinyl/CD/download)

2014                         Gurumaya by Astral Son* (Vinyl/download)

2013                         Mantra Electronique*
                                 A Drop in the Ocean
(CD, with Lhamo Dukpa from Bhutan) *

2012                         Drones *
                                 Chants according to...(with Rao, unreleased)
                                 AARDE, CD (with Egbert Hovenkamp II) *

2011                         Magical Extension (unreleased)
Inner Space Dimension*
                                 Músarrindill, CD (With Egbert Hovenkamp II) *
                                 InSpiratie (With Egbert Hovenkamp II) *
                                 Waar het Stroomt (With vocals, Dutch poems by Leoweyn, unreleased)

2010                         Quantum Generation *
                                 Imagine *

2009                         the Fascinating Vibes of Electronic Waves *
                                 Voor een dag van morgen (produced for H.C. Feiler, 2005-2009)

2008                         Sabda *
                                 Elements *

2007                         Temple *
                                 Open *
                                 The Turning Point *

2006                         Collective Memory Generator *                

2005                         Singing Electronic Devices (EP)
                                 Turn on, Tune in, Drop out (remix 2007, unreleased)
                                 Samsara *
                                 Electronic Reality *

2004                         Dharma *

2003/4/5                   Soundweaver *

2003                         Origine *
                                 Sadja (EP, additional songs in 2005/2007)

Before 2003              All that is Energy (EP)
                                 Window (EP)
                                 Spiritworld 1,2 & 3







All music composed, produced and performed by Leonardo Soundweaver. Artwork and webdesign by Leonardo.