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Organic Electronic Music from 2003 to 2018
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Son of Ohm - Blackbirds Blackbirds (2018)

1. Morning Dew 11’52
2. Blackbirds 27’52

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Normally I spend a lot of time building up an album in my studio. It is a process in which an album slowly grows and I have all my synths at hand. Not this time. In preparation of the event 'Electric Spectrum Experience' I composed songs that can be played live with a limited setup. So I experimented with different instruments and in the end I came up with a small set which contained a Moog Sub Phatty, Nord Lead Rack, Reon Driftbox and an old Jumbo transistor combo organ. Next to that I used a Beatstep sequencer and the Gibson SG. Among the many effects there was a simple looper which enabled me to build up the track. I had several switches to lead the Nord Lead, organ or guitar to the looper. This is how I played Blackbirds in one take.
Morning Dew was done with a different setup earlier on and was all improvised.

During the many times that I played Blackbirds I had my studio window opened. In the trees outside were so many birds singing. Among them the lovely Blackbird. I think I lend some of his tunes while playing the guitar.


Review on Synth & Sequences by Sylvain Lupari

“If you are into a true psychedelic ambient vibe of the vintage years, this one's for you!”


1 The Brain Connection 7:49
2 Floating 11:25
3 Intermission 8:35
4 Time Machine 7:49
5 Spaceman 10:23
6 Hypnosis (Bonus Track) 13:48

Composed, produced and performed by
Son of Ohm

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Review on Synth & Sequences by Sylvain Lupari

“Syrinx proposes a journey in the 70's with nice structures which mix the Berlin & French Schools with an always pleasant psychedelic vibe”

Syrinx (2015)

1. Legend 8’38
2. Syrinx 8’54
3. Crystal 5’07
4. Mount Om 8’05
5. Monkey Mind 7’46
6. Echoes 7’50


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Composed, produced and performed by
Son of Ohm

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Electronic Music with old & contemporary influences:
....Like progressive chill, ambient, deep house....
Mantra Electronique, 2013.

1. Particles
2. Sea of Protons
3. All That is Energy
4. Low Voltage
5.The Past - Delicious Movements
6. Hymne du Séquenceur


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Imagine, 2010.

1. The System
2. Sunrise
3. Atoli
4. No-guru
5. Air
6. Imagine
7. Full Emptiness
8. Retrospective


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Quantum Generation, 2010.

1. All of Me
2. Eternal Queen
3. Cosmic Love
4. Remembering
5. Robotic Love
6. After the Storm
7. Longing
8. So Long my Friend


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Instrumental Old School and Retro Futuristic Electronic:
Albums that were influenced by Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Kid Baltan, Tomita, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield...

I love the idea of trilogy. It sometimes happens. Sabda, Elements & The Fascinating Vibes of Electronic Waves belong together in sound and progression.

The Fascinating Vibes of Electronic Waves, 2009.

1. Endless
2. On the Way
3. Zero Point
4. Entropy
5. Ambient Vibes
6. Flow
7. Sacred Sequencing


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Elements, 2009.

1. First Element
2. Second Element
3. Third Element
4. Fourth Element
5. Fifth Element
6. Sixth Element


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Sabda, 2008.

1. Flame
2. Forest
3. Soham
4. Form
5. Chant
6. Awake


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Collective Memory Generator, 2006.

1. Transformations
2. Astral
3. Mirrorgate
4. Shaman
5. The City
6. Time Traveler
7. Parallel Dimensions
8. Dissolving


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Electronic Reality, 2005.

1. Cosmic Warming Part 1
2. Cosmic Warming Part 2
3. Cosmic Warming Part 3
4. Landing
5. Essence
6. Return
7. Moonsong
8. Silver
9. Reflection


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Samsara, 2005.

1. Awakening
2. In Search of Buddha Part 1
3. In Search of Buddha Part 2
4. Meditation (Fractals)
5. Electronic Guru
6. Back to Karma
7. Forward (Bonus Track)

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Dharma, 2003.

1. Mantra
2. Shambala
3. Creation
4. Dna
5. Machines
6. Prana
7. Philos
8. Circle

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Origine, 2003.

1. Matrix
2. Fairytale
3. Senses
4. E-breeze
5. Surroundings
6. Dawning
7. Origine


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All music composed, produced and performed by Leonardo Soundweaver. Artwork and webdesign by Leonardo.