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June: New album by Son of Ohm: Blackbirds
Neu harmony is going to release it on high quality CD-r

Two songs recorded live in my studio on two track, in preparation of the live set played at the ‘Electric Spectrum Experience’ June 16, 2018 in Groningen. Blackbirds I actually played at ESE.

'Normally I spend a lot of time building up an album in my studio. It is a process in which an album slowly grows and I have all my synths at hand'. Read more

he Electric Spectrum Experience was great fun. There were some very interested visitors. People that traveled from the other side of the Netherlands and some even coming from Germany or England.

We had some problems with the P.A. in the first half; they appeared to be off... And the only sound we heard came from three stage monitors that were mono as well.... My sound was very shitty. And my performance wasn't where it should be, I was so distracted. There was a horrible loud hum in my guitar sound... The recordings went wrong, the video couldn't be played at first Luckily a friend in the audience came with a solution; he had his laptop and became member of the crew.

Well, it was a very useful experience!! All in all it wasn't too bad, and the audience anticipated very nicely.

I loved to perform on stage. There was so much happening all afternoon, it went by like a blur. Slowly it is sinking in. The nice conversations with visitors, some of them musicians who had experienced all the hassle that performing live electronics brings. The experience of playing with fellow musicians on stage, free improviation. The organisation of an event like this, keeping it all together.

Soundcheck                                                                   Phrozen Weaver

So it really made me thinking. There are many possibilities. I would be a good thing to keep on playing and developing a solid live set. I really feel like approaching this beast with the same attitude I have with Astral Son. It is inside me and has to come out! I can make studio albums forever, and I am very skilled to do so, but I need to step out. There are so many ways.

And meanwhile the Astral Son album probably is delayed.... I have to check with the label to see what's happening.









           My setup for the experience!

Next Saturday I will do a live performance at the Electric Spectrum Experience in Groningen. It is going to be a long track in the Berlin School tradition.

Bert Hulshoff ( Phrozenlight), Arend Westra (Eagle) and Gert Blokzijl are going to play solo pieces also. In between we will do jam sessions.
These are all fine musicians who are well known in the international EM scene.
Phrozen Weaver
is a collaboration between Phrozen Light and me.

The Electric Spectrum Experience is a showcase of EM made in the North of the Netherlands. We do believe we have a unique sound because of the landscape and character of the people who live here. We are mostly inspired by the cosmic electronic music made in the seventies. Free flowing soundscaping and sequencing with lots of space for improvisation.

Saturday 16th June
Muziek Organisatie Noord
Bieslookstraat 23, 9731 HH Groningen

May: Artwork for the new Astral Son album almost done. Bonus track for the CD almost done. Slowly I have to focus on The Electric Spectrum Experience (june 16th, in Groningen). doing a  solo live set + live jam sessions.

April: The new album 'Wonderful Beyond' has been mastered and oh boy, it sounds great!!! This album took one year to grow and the mastering really brought it all together. I'm so happy! Now I will focus on the artwork again.

Mastering is set at the end of April. Headspin Records is going to release the new Astral Son album on vinyl!!! Release this autumn!!

March Astral Son IV almost ready for mastering. Started painting a possible artwork... Let's see if I can get this thing on vinyl!!

Oh, here's an live electronic music event...I'm going to play some as well...


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